Beyond Intercourse

Tantric sex is an amazing way to reconnect with your partner and a guaranteed way to an incredible orgasm. It's all beyond intercourse!

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Midlife Slow or SLOH

Men slow down as they age, including decreased desire for sex. Here's how to keep the passion and flame burning with SLOH.

Midlife Slow or SLOH2020-06-22T09:13:11+00:00

Dealing With Stress and Sexuality

Stress is one of the culprits in low sexual desire. Why must we hurt our sex lives when we can be the master of our sexual destiny?

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Hypnotherapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction

It has been said that you are what your mind thinks you are. This is especially true in the case of sexual dysfunction.

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Getting Unexpected Hard-on In Public

Understanding unwarranted erections from a medical perspective will help some men feel less embarrassed about their condition.

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