Is your jaw stiff when you wake in the morning?

Do you experience sore cheeks or ear aches?

Do you have dull morning headaches?

Does your bed partner complain of grinding sounds from you when you are asleep?

Do you have dull morning headaches?

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms. You may have sleep bruxism. Bruxism is the act of involuntary teeth grinding or clenching, either while awake or asleep. Most people who are inflicted are from 15 to their 50s. Many sufferers are not aware of the problem until permanent damage has been done to their teeth and bone structure.

Here are some of its common signs and symptoms:

• Chewed insides of cheek

• Chronic facial pain

• Unusual wear and tear on teeth

• Tooth sensitivity

• Tender jaw muscles

• Ear aches

Doctors and dentists have not determined its exact cause, but a link with the following psychological factors have been found.

• Anxiety, stress or tension

• Suppressed anger or frustration

• Aggressive, competitive or hyperactive personality type

A common belief is that it is caused by malocclusion (misalignment of upper and lower teeth). Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine is also reported to worsen the habit. Dental check-ups are the best way to screen against bruxism, especially if you don’t have a sleeping partner to feedback on any occurrence of night grinding. In its advanced stage, nerve and blood vessels in the gum may be exposed. Teeth may be worn to the gumline and other complications may arise. Severe pain will be inevitable and by then, surgery will be necessary.

How does hypnotherapy works?

Because stress is often the root cause of bruxism, hypnosis, which aids relaxation, can help. Teeth grinding is an automatic, unconscious habit and hypnosis reaches the subconscious and works with it to reprogram the grinding response into something more positive and relaxing. The therapist will suggest to your subconscious mind ideas that will create triggers to relax the jaw muscles and release the tension in your cheeks. Your mind will be trained to release tension from your entire face, your neck, and your jaw. After repeated sessions, the trigger patterns will be set. The jaw will be trained to relax and soften. Relief can be felt as early as the first session. If you know you are suffering from bruxism and are desperately seeking a solution before the condition of your teeth worsen, you may consider hypnotherapy as a remedy if mouthguards and botox are not your desired options.